Calcium line

Product description

Calcium cored wire is made of an outer steel strip and an inner calcium wire through edge rolling. After the refining of molten steel, it is fed into molten steel by a wire feeding machine, with a feeding speed of 60-120 m/s and a feeding quantity of 0.8-1.5 m/ton. It is suitable for calcium treatment during refining of molten steel.


The calcium treatment will not bring in other oxides existing in the powder cored wire to pollute the molten steel;

It has a high-density core rod, making the quality easy to detect, and the smaller core wire surface area enables it to have a longer shelf life and reduces the calcium oxide impurities that pollute the molten steel to a minimum;

More uniform calcium content per meter and higher and more stable active calcium content ensure a more stable calcium treatment effect;

A thicker outer steel shell and a high-density pure calcium core rod can feed calcium to deeper parts of the molten steel and keep it below the critical depth for a longer time, so as to increase the calcium recovery rate.


Core wire diameter ф13±0.5mm, ф9±0.3mm, ф5±0.2mm
Steel sheath thickness 0.3±0.05mm, 0.4±0.05mm
Packaging method Packaged in ton bags with a plastic film on the outer layer, and the quantity is subject to the actual packing quantity.
It can be produced according to customer requirements.

Ca(%) AL Mg Mn Si Fe
97±1 0.7 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
anyang chagnfeng ferroalloy

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