Description and purpose

Inoculated cored wire is a kind of cored wire mainly used in casting. The molten iron should be inoculated in advance during the casting, for the inoculated molten iron can better promote the reaction of elements. The inoculated cored wire plays the role of inoculation. After being inserted to a desired depth, the inoculated cored wire can be preheated and melted to increase the effect of inoculation.


It has strong resistance to inoculation fading, and can substantially improve the shape of graphite pebbles and effectively increase the number of graphite pebbles. The graphite pebbles are small and round;

The effect will redouble if it is used together with the spheroidized cored wire, and the inoculation space is large for use of a great number of foundry returns.


Core wire diameter ф13±0.5mm, ф9±0.3mm, ф5±0.2mm
Steel sheath thickness 0.3±0.05mm, 0.4±0.05mm
Packaging method Packaged in ton bags with a plastic film on the outer layer, and the quantity is subject to the actual packing quantity.
It can be produced according to customer requirements.

Si Ca Ba Fe
55-65 1.0-3.0 3-5 Excess
65-70 1.0-3.0 3-5 Excess
anyang chagnfeng ferroalloy

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