Raw materials rise ferrosilicon price to maintain high

2022-03-11 15:35:10
At present, the mainstream transaction of silicon iron market is 72#9000-9300, 75#9700-9800 yuan/ton cash natural block ex-factory, the quotation is chaotic, 75# some manufacturers offer 10,000 yuan ex-factory. Market transactions are still cautious, steel recruitment quickly entered the end, yesterday shuigang pricing 9800 yuan/ton, 500 yuan/ton higher than last week. Jiangsu steel mills said this month temporarily not purchase. Magnesium profit is good, normal operation of ferrosilicon demand stability. Foundry still low demand performance is mediocre. Export transactions are good. Fewer ferrosilicon manufacturers have spot goods, the increase of raw materials significantly increases the cost, and the factory is not willing to ship at low prices.

anyang chagnfeng ferroalloy

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